I know how to be a Lady and how to be a Woman!

Gentlemen, I know what you are looking for … a true lady that also has a devilish side behind closed doors. I can look like a princess on your arm at the ball but I can also throw on the leather and latex. I can carry on an extremely intelligent conversation or I can talk dirty under the sheets. I know how to be a Lady and how to be a Woman! Come and relax and be free with me for an hour, night, or however long our adventure takes. I am very open-minded and love trying new things.

 Erotica escorts ladySure there are a lot of escorts, but there’s only one Delta. I have a very unique style and sophisticated business savoir faire. The cream of the crop always rises to the top. Few escorts can make the transition from the average everyday, to one of the industry elites. Not through high volume, but instead having a selective client base and conducting myself with eloquence and ease. Provocative, yet sensitive, stunningly beautiful yet down to earth. I only need one hours notice for an appointment, so please don’t phone me months in advance!!!!
Alisa escortAll monies paid are in cash, I can accept all major currencies but unfortunately no cheques or credit cards at the moment. My rates are exceptionally low considering the intense passionate service I give, but if you have something in mind please ask because I am always open to offers. Please do not call me more than a few hours before to arrange a meeting as I will always ask you to confirm 1 hour prior to the appointment. It is of course possible that I divert my phoneline to a girlfriend to answer while I am busy shopping, in the gym or out with my friends. Please do not confuse me to be an agency I am NOT. Simply a very busy girl not wanting to disappoint her clients with a switched off phone


We are a network of girls who tour the major cities of England and Scotland, assisting each other with contacts and experiences in each city. We are NOT an agency! If you would be interested in joining us, please fill in the form below, and if possible include some photographs. Please do not upload huge photos please – not only will it take a long time for the page to be sent from your PC, but it will also create HUGE email messages, which may get rejected by our email provider!


The best Scotland escorts

It is hard to determine where in the world you can find the best escorts. It is even more difficult to tell where you can meet the hottest companions in a single country like Scotland, for example. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that you can use to determine which girls are worth dating, regardless of the place you are visiting. Here they are:

Contact professional agencies

The most beautiful Scottish women are expensive assets. Some of these sexy girls are so difficult to encounter that you will spend more money on finding them than you would by dating a regular companion. If your budget allows it, ask for these escorts at any professional agency in Scotland. These dating services like 6annonce have extensive collections of international models, so make sure that you ask for a genuine local girl. Otherwise, you could be spending all your savings on a bland East-European lady.

Find independent escorts

When professional agencies fail to meet your demands it is time to take the matter into your own hands. Try to find an independent escort Paris by looking for her ads on http://www.6annonce.com/ or in the local newspapers. Many hot women who refuse to work with dating companies offer their services this way. You have a very good chance of dating the best women in Scotland with a simple response to an ad in the journal.

Date local girls in Scotland

Scotland is full of hot, beautiful girls who flaunt their sexy features in every city, from Edinburgh to Aberdeen. Do not miss the opportunity to spend some time in their company and enjoy a piece of Scottish hospitality. The women of the Highlands like to party and they can hold their liquor better than most men out there. If you want to have the time of your life, ask some of the local escorts to join you for a night of debauchery and wild celebrations. You can easily find sensual models in almost every Scottish town or village.

Meet international companions

If red-haired, blue-eyed Scottish ladies are not your first choice when it comes to sexy women, try your luck with one of the many hot, international models that live in Glasgow. An escort Paris can brighten your night and take you on an intimate tour of the city even if she is not one of the local girls. Many beautiful women come to live in the northern parts of the UK and there you have a good chance of meeting some of the best models in the world.

Your best choice for dating

Scotland has a lot to offer when it comes to sexy women. Even the laziest guys find their match in the beautiful Highland landscapes. If you want to spare your energy, you can safely ditch the plans for a midnight hunt for hot models. Instead, you can have an escort Paris delivered straight to your hotel room. Dating agencies as well as independent companions can deliver their services to a location of your choice after a simple negotiation. This first contact can be established over the phone or in an online chat room.

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